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A songwriter who connects with his brand of pop/rock/folk. Passionate and resilient.

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Melbourne, Australia-based Frank Falvo outturns a brand of acoustic folk pop that is both animated and radio-friendly. His heart-warming songs are imbued with technique and emotion, conjuring up the latter work of Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Van Morrison.


In 2006, a series of personal tragedies led to a spiritual shakeup and Frank swapped his job as a bank manager to pursue music professionally. His innate talents landed him a spot as a lead Guest Entertainer aboard the Crown Princess Liner where he performed in front of packed crowds, cutting his teeth on audiences across the Mediterranean, Ocho Rios, UK, and Cayman Islands. Once he returned to Melbourne, Falvo quickly became a fixture at corporate functions and events, building up enough original material to record his debut.


In 2009 Falvo released a handful of lush slow-to-mid tempo ballads under a four song EP entitled Movement in White. The EP spawned a popular video for the title-track which went on to be featured on the ABC program Rage in 2010, and once more in the following year. Frank’s second release, 2010’s The Winds on Fire, featured 10 emotionally charged originals which found a home at several local radio stations, culminating in a live local interview/performance on channel 31 in Australia.


As his music career began to solidify, Falvo made the commitment to cultivate further relationships with experienced players and producers and began tracking several singles with Grammy Award Winning Scott Matthews (Chris Isaac and The Rolling Stones) and Stuart Epps (Elton John and Oasis) at the helm. These singles were eventually compiled to make up his new album, Heart So True, a large-scale sunshine pop opus, couched in harmonies, brass, violins and Falvo’s effortless pop rock sensibilities.




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