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A songwriter who connects with his brand of pop/rock/folk. Passionate and resilient.

Recording "I first saw her". oct 2017

In October 2017 i decided to record here in Melbourne my latest song "I first saw her".   It was finalized in December 2017.  I hope you enjoy it.


Winner! Nov 2015 The Akademia. For "The chair never turns". Best PopRock/Hard Rock song". Nov 2015. "'Frank Falvo’s philosophically-minded single is a great example of his apparent talent for delivering rock songs that could easily chart with today’s pop radio hits". 'The Akademia. LA. Music radio and exposure company.

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Recording "The chair never turns". Sept 2015

In September 2015 i decided to record here in Melbourne  my song "The chair never turns".   It was finalized in October 2015.  I hope you enjoy it.

remixed and remaster OF "a guy like me".

In June 2015 i decided my 2011 song "A guy like me" was to be remixed and it was finalized here  in Melbourne.   The song was re-mastered in June 2015 by Pete Maher (London UK) (U2, The Killers, Kate Perry).   I hope you enjoy it.

Stuart  epps (Producer UK)

"Sounds like your doing some good stuff . "A guy like me" is a good track" . Stuart Epps (Producer UK) (Elton John, Oasis, Twisted Sister) 18 February 2015


 So proud for my SECOND commendation/ or honorable mention from -  The Song writing contest  at  "Song of the year" for  "This is a lie". Sept 2013.


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RELEASE OF NEW SONG. - "FIREPROOF"  19 jUNE 2013.                                   FREE download is available!

Four months of some solid sweat on this one. Recorded at Toyland Recording studios with Grammy and platinum awarded music producer from LA - S Mathews (Rolling stones, Santana, Beach Boys and Chris Izak).  Down in Melbourne in February 2013 for the Recording Artists Masterclass.  We recorded the back bone of the song here.  It was finalized and remixed here  in Melbourne.   The song was re-mastered in July 2014 by Pete Maher (London UK) (U2, The Killers, Kate Perry).  This is very much a  true pop/rock song.    I hope you enjoy it.  You can find it on my Player here titled "Hear my original music".  Alternatively, you can hear it at ReverbNation per the player below and Download it for FREE!  Please spread the word.

Lead Vocals & Acoustic guitar : Frank Falvo

Guitars: Claude Caranzza.

Female backing vocals: Georgina Ward. 

Drums: S Mathews.  Bass & Keyboards: S Mathews.

NEW MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE.. "This is a lie" (c) 5 June 2013

Just released my new music video of "This is a lie". Mastered and final mixing with Grammy and platinum winning producer - S. Mathews. Made with the same folks behind "Taxiride" the band. We shot the performance shots at the M.C.G (Melbourne) while an actual game of AFL football was in progress, to get the massive tower light shots. The apartment shoot was in the C.B.D area near Etihad stadium. A super time was had by all. Director and Producer: Usman Zuberi.


RELEASE OF NEW SONG. - "this is a lie"  1 MAY 2013.                                       FREE download is available!

One year in the making, with some technical issues to boot!  Just finished this one, with some of the  folks behind the band "Taxiride".  I give you "This is a lie".  Read the review below from the LA recording studio which finalized some further mixing for the song.  It was re-mastered in July 2014 by Pete Maher (London UK) (U2, The Killers, Kate Perry).   This is very much a pop/rock song.  It has an acoustic rock tempo going throughout.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can find it on my Player here titled "Hear my original music".  Alternatively, you can hear it at ReverbNation per the player below and Download it for FREE!  Please spread the word.

S. Mathews. LA.Producer. Grammy and platinum WINNER reviews "This is a lie" (c).

S. Mathews.  Platinum  Music producer  LA. (Rolling stones, Beach Boys and Chris Izac). He reviewed "This is a lie" (c). Masterclass Feb 2013. 
1. Frank! "Four minutes ago, I rolled up my sleeves, tuned up ears and started in on listening to the submissions for the Masterclass Series and there you were to start things off with a mighty bang, boom and a big dose of wow. 'This is a Lie' is the stone cold truth, my friend. Quality inside and out - from top to bottom. I was right there with you all the way to the chorus but then my jaw kinda dropped and I lost it - I flipped for you! You are holding the goods, your talent is great and better things are on their way! Let's rock! Tops, Scott” Scott Mathews. Grammy Producer LA - reviews "This is a lie" (c).
2. "And need I say, what a fantastic voice....- dude can sing the phone book and make it work. Killer singing...wow". S. Mathews Grammy Producer LA.



Come down to the charity event "Relay for Life" arranged by the Cancer council.  A whole weekend of jam packed activities. I will be on stage at 8.30pm on 24 March 2012.  John Gardiner Reserve, Auburn Road, Hawthorn.  One hour set of my originals with a few backing tracks. Will be just after the Candle light ceremony (half hour) which starts at 8pm. 


Go upstairs at Casablanca Lounge. Its on the 27 January 2012. I am on from 9.30pm for 3 sets. Go to the beer garden and relax on a Friday night, after the working week.   Across the road from Mitcham station. I will play all my originals plus covers and backing tracks mixed in. My CD's will be available for sale.  Admittance is FREE. Come down and say HI.

When:   Casablanca Lounge.

Where:  Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham.

Who:     Frank Falvo. Singer and songwriter.

Time:    9.30pm to 12.30am. (FREE)
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CD LAUNCH. HEADLINE ACT. Gig at Club Voltaire

22 October 2011

Come on out.  Love to see you there!  I will be playing Club Voltaire, North Melbourne. For a wonderful Saturday night. It's  on 22 October 2011. My official "Movement in White" CD launch. I will be doing full sets of my original songs. At the great grungy an intimate Club Voltaire night club. Drinks available, as it is licensed available 7pm. Will be intermission for a drink. Grab a bite to eat in Errol Street. Its around the corner. Show starts at 8pm. $20 at the door. FREE copy, that is one per person of my "Movement in White" album.



UK SONGWRITING CONTEST 2011.  commendation FOR "A GUY LIKE ME" 2 September 2011.

So proud for my commendation from the UK Songwriting Contest 2011 for "A guy like me" Sept 2011.Photobucket



Tune in next two weeks! Tuesday 19th April 2011 @ 11pm and 26 April 2011. Asylum TV C31. Get  tuned into channel 44 on digital set top box. Repeats on Sunday 12.30am (Sat night after midnight). I am the third act on with interview and performance of my new song "A guy like me".  Second show performing "Cry Out".

RELEASE OF NEW SONG. - "A GUY LIKE ME"  28 JANUARY 2011                    FREE download is available!

Just finished slogging it out over a month on "A Guy Like Me".  This is very much a pop/rock song with a uptempo feel to the song.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can find it on my Player here titled "Hear my original music".  Alternatively, you can hear it at Reverbnation per the player below and Download it for FREE!  Please spread the word...


the chandelier room. singer/songwriter sessions.  22 august 2010

I will be performing a acoustic set at The Chandelier Room.  The Sunday afternoon singer/songwriter sessions are family friendly, with an entertainment area for the kids.

Come in and relax to the sound of Melbourne's best singer/songwriters (in solo, duo or trio format), and let the children have fun socializing and watching movies.

A great way to expose your children to live music!

Sunday 22 August 2010 @ 4.15pm (40 minutes)

91 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin

(Promotion will be Triple R Radio, Beat and Impress magazines)


BBQ, snacks and drinks all available on site.

The bar is fully licensed!

ASYLUM TV. cHANNEL 31.  30th mARCH 2010

Asylum TV Channel 31.(Not on digital signal until June 2010).  Interview and acoustic act going to air on Tuesday 30th March 2010 at 11.00 pm (EST Melbourne) with Repeat of this Show on Thursday at 10.00 pm and early Sunday Morning 12.30 am (Saturday night after midnight). Performance of "Riding the Firestorm". Interview by Jeremy. 


  Current mood:  happy

So stoked my music video recently shot in HD of "Movement in White" was selected out of the hundreds received to program on the music show Rage ABC.  This long running show has a cult following here in Australia.  It was featured on Friday 30 April 2010 just past. in the early hours of the morning.  They do not provide advance notice.  They only advise that you keep a eye out on there playlists. The video will be on the archive boards soon at Rage  View the music video here at on my site just below. linked to Youtube.  They support HD format. Confirmation of the screening here:-
http://www.abc.net.au/rage/archive/s2887188.htm Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


completion of shooting music video - movement in white.  19 march 2010

 Shoot completed 19th March 2010.

I have completed shooting my new music video for "Movement in White".  FUN FUN!  Was a total BALL and compared to me making my Youtube lesson videos, they were like chalk and cheese. We have shot heaps of video.  And we went out to Flinders Street Station, in the early hours during peak time to shoot, when commuters were going to work.  Was crazy, all these people looking, with the speakers blowing out my song!  Surprised the police did not come to pack us in the divy van.  We drove out just prior to Kinglake, on the lonely road away from the town, in the bush fire ravaged area to shoot some scenes for  "Riding the Firestorm".  Then we went out to Sanctuary Lakes out West, to shoot another scene for the video.  The city skyline looks magical out there, plus the natural overgrowth of the wet lands looks good.  We travelled along the gravel road to the wet lands, mingled with the flys and dust, and finally got to our destination.  Seemed like we were driving non stop on Thursday.  Went out to St Kilda beach to shoot on the pier. It was a hot day, and all i was thinking about was taking a dive in the water.  We have done half of the video so far.  I have a promo of three songs.  Better quality at YT as they changed to a HD format there.

Well my crew involved in the video did a excellent job in finding a actress!!  So stocked. Her name is Kim Hately. We shot last half of the video recently. Well it's done!.  It was done indoors for the final scenes, and then out to China town.  Ended up having Chinese while there. Ended the shoot about 7pm  It was great to not do as much driving this time.  Can't wait to see the final cut.  Should be cool.


The Story tellers Showcase. Bridie O'Reilly's - Brunswick.      8th april 2010

Bridie O'Reilly's - Brunswick. 8th April 2010.  29 Sydney Road, Brunswick. VIC                 

Cost:13.00 at the door.  Pre-sale discount is $10.00.  Description:The Storytellers is a competition  for hard working talented emerging singer songwriters or acoustic artists, which provides a opportunity to showcase there talents over 8 big weeks. I am proud to be part of the show, and need your help to get me through the heats to the final...I will do a set of 30 minutes. Come and say HI. And yes they are all my original songs i will do. And my CD's will be available on the night. Discounted pre-sale tickets. Email for tickets: frfalvo@gmail.com or ask at the door, that you are here to see me. Set starts 10.15pm. IT'S NOW TIME. Bring your friends.