The Younger Years! The Younger Years! I must be about 2 God i was about to learn fast! 59346947 My Sis and Me! The Doc forgot to give me a spanking at birth! 62451372 My Mum and Dad and me! At Oakleigh visting my mums sister. I was say 8. 59361300 In Euston NSW Up country with the relatives in Euston. Making some silly expression. 59346946 BLUSH! Me and Sis (Julie) My younger sis Jules at Oakleigh Baths i believe. I would say i was 15. 59361298 Taken from TV show. Taken directly from a tv. Performing on TV variety show. i was in my early twentys 76279571 The High School Musical...."HERO" With one of the cast members at St Albans High School. God that was a lot of work that show. But heaps of fun! All original songs i had to learn. 59361302 The teenager that found the guitar! My Brother in Law Attilio, introduces me in my teen years to the guitar. One of my first. 59346944 Me with Bros and Sis's. Me, Carm, Vince and Josie. Taken at my mum's sisters house during a visit. 62452253 Getting a taste for the guitar! My Brother- in- Law Attillio plays my guitar. Giving me idea's. 60225335 Elwood Beach. At Elwood Beach and on a air bed. So loved that beach....All the relatives would eat and the kids would head for the water... 59346945 At Elwood Beach! On a camel. Me and my brother Vince at Elwood Beach. Riding a camel. 61344463 In the Snowfields. In the snowfields of Mt Bulla. Victoria. In my mid 20's.. 62451727 Playing on holiday in Tasmania With my old Maton Coolabar. Don't make them any more. Was in Tasmania on holiday many years ago. Wearing a singapore cap. 131873402 Formal attire! In late twenties. In dress up mode. 62977440 In one of my bands haming it up! Taken from one of my bands during rehearsal. I don't play drums. 62452084 receiving my certificate of Baptism. I was about 10 y.o. here We lived in the inner city suburb of Kensington. My sister -Julie at far left of the shot. 70954316 Riding a Horse! At band practice, with my early bands up in Rockbank. 59346948 My younger Brother Domenic putting on the waterworks! Me and my sedating ways! Trying to calm my Bro down. God i hate that shirt!! 59361299 Me and that Beard. Me and that Beard..... 139684758 The High School Musical..."HERO" This was a Black and White for the local paper. I landed the lead role. My lead partner in the show here in this pic. I was 19. 59361301 Summer = the swimming pool. St Albans Swimming pool. Cooling off from the heat. 178356905 Summer = the swimming pool. St Albans Swimming pool. Cooling off from the heat. 60225791 In bridal party Maybe 13 in bridal party for studio photo with brother and sister. 172695338 My Brother and Sis's at a Wedding! Weddings were so much fun! To slide around and be carefree. My Sisters and Brother. (From left to right) Silvana, Vince, Julie and Me. 60225792 Brothers and Sisters. I would say i am about 10. Silvana, Julie, Me and Vince. 61344850